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Number of smokers in Serbia has decreased, shows most recent data on tobacco use in our country

Smoking is not allowed in any room in only 14 percent of households

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The number of smokers in Serbia has decreased, according to the latest data from the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut" - which concluded this during a survey on the prevalence of smoking in Serbia. Compared to 2018, when 37 percent of adult citizens smoked, in 2019, that percentage was reduced by two percent, so 35 percent of adults are currently smokers.

This data from the Office for the Prevention of Smoking was presented today on the occasion of January 31, National Tobacco Free Day, which is celebrated under the slogan "Life without tobacco - for a better future of new generations."

On average, an adult smoker in Serbia smokes 17 cigarettes a day - according to a new study, which shows that e-cigarettes have been tried by 14 percent of Serbian adults:

"One in ten adult citizens of Serbia said that he tried heated non-combustible tobacco products, one in ten smoked hookahs, while a third visited a hookah bar but did not consume them."

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For the healthcare sector in Serbia, the fact that only 14 percent of households don't allow smoking in any room is also bad news.

On the other hand, it's encouraging that one in five smoker sayst they are seriously considering quitting.

"One-fifth of smokers who are considering quitting say environmental incentives are a significant barrier to this decision."

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The institute Batut, meanwhile, says the frequency of smoking increases with age. They reminded of the data showing that among children aged 13 to 15, 1.5 percent of fifth-graders and 2.9 percent of seventh-grade elementary school students smoke, while there are 20 percent of first-year high school students who are smokers.

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