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Novak Djokovic shares 10 tips to fight coronavirus

The world's best tennis tennis player knows a lot about healthy eating and having a strong immune system, and has decided to share it with Telegraf readers

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Novak Djokovic is aware of the problem the world is facing because of coronavirus, and since he is known to know a lot about healthy nutrition and immune system, he has given Telegraf some useful tips that can help many people when it comes to preventing coronavirus, which threatens the entire world.

Due to coronavirus, many sporting events have been canceled, including tennis events around the world, for at least the next six weeks, so Novak will be able to be with his family during the most critical period.

Novak was fortunate enough to catch one of the last flights from the US to Europe with his team as the border was closed, and a day later he shared advice with Telegraf on how to behave and what to do to boost immunity and reduce the risk of getting the virus.

Here are his main tips for all Telegraf readers:

- Increase your intake of vitamin C and zinc. It is recommended to take between 5 to 7 grams a day of Vitamin C, and this can go up to 10. If you find liquid zinc, it is better than another form. If you do not find liquid zinc, it is advisable to take a dose in pills 3 to 4 times higher than the usual recommended dose.

- Drink warm lemon water and some sea salt on an empty stomach every morning (optionally add ginger and fresh mint leaves). Drink warm water with lemon several times a day. It is recommended to have it when your stomach is as empty as possible.

- Drink as much green juices and shakes as possible with green leafy vegetables (parsley, spinach, kale...). Green leafy vegetables create an alkaline base in the body that destroys pathogens and viruses that persist in acidic environments.

- An acidic environment is caused by unhealthy fast food, stress, worry, anger, refined sugary drinks, dairy products, etc.

- It is advisable to consume a small portion of garlic cloves in a teaspoon of honey with cinnamon. Also, wild oregano oil, ginger, cayenne pepper.

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- Colloidal silver water is extremely effective for immunity and fighting against poisons we have in the body.

- Various types of teas and fresh herbs are always welcome. Especially Rtanj tea and hibiscus tea.

- Spending some time in the fresh air in a natural setting (parks, forests, lakes, rivers, sea, beaches, mountains, hills ...) that heals us and fills us with orgone, vital energy that is crucial for living in abundance of health and well-being of the soul, mind and body.

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- Do mindful breathing exercises because it creates emotional and mental harmony and peace that allows you to cope more easily with worry, fear and uncertainty. It also balances the metabolic processes crucial for optimal health.

- Laugh and enjoy the music that fulfills you and makes you happy as much as possible. Be surrounded by loved ones with whom you feel a great presence of love, well-being and joy.

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