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Grandma Olivera stopped by police for braking curfew. Her explanation: "I went to my English class"

When the elderly woman was stopped, she was returning home from visiting a neighbor

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Baka Olivera, vanredno stanje u Srbiji

Printscreen: Facebook

People over the age of 65 are forbidden from go outside at all these days because they are the most vulnerable group when it comes to the coronavirus epidemic. Still, Olivera demonstrated that it isn't only the young people who find it difficult to stay at home, because she was out and about in the middle of the day - for her English lessons.

In a video shared on social networks, the elderly woman is asked by the police about where she lives and what she was doing out "at this time of day."

"I'm just going home," she replied.

And when asked where she had been, Olivera gave an answer that made it hard to blame her for leaving her home at all.

"I was having my English lesson. With a friend of mine who has the time...," Olivera said.

Social networks users immediately "forgave" this elderly lady who, even in her late years, is not giving up on education, even when a state of emergency is in effect.

"Bravo, grandma," "Queen," and, "Grandma is very resourceful and witty," are some of the comments left on the video.

Video: TV box as a shield: Violations of curfew, the Serbian way

Video: TV box as a shield: Curfew violations, the Serbian way


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