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The moment Dr. Stevanovic announces that 7 more people have died - and walks out of news conference

"What I'm afraid of is that this is not the worst day going forward. We have even worse days ahead."

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Some dark news for Serbia was announced today by Dr. Goran Stevanovic, director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia (KCS). Seven more deaths - a total of 23 people dead from coronavirus in our country.

"Dear citizens of Serbia, brothers and sisters, today has been the worst day for Serbia. We have seven more patients who died and 115 new positive cases. With these seven new citizens who have passed away, we have a total of 23 dead. I repeat, this is the worst day for Serbia at the moment. What I'm afraid of is that it's not the worst going forward."

We're getting closer to Italian and Spanish scenarios

"We'll have even worse days ahead. This is the result of a disregard of the measures, the recommendations we gave, when we begged and pleaded. If we continue to act so irresponsibly towards ourselves and towards others, thne we really are getting closer to Italian and Spanish scenarios."

"We took the danger of this disease lightly. We continue to socialize intensely. We are still trying to avoid adhering to the measures in any way can way. If we continue to act like this, we will not be able to help our fellow citizens. I'm sorry that this is the news. That's all I have to tell you at this point. Now I must go and help my colleagues who are spending their entire days in hazmat suits and masks, to try and fight for the others who are in ICUs," said Stevanovic.

"Epidemiologists must try to discover all contacts of those who have been infected," Dr. Stevanovic said at the end.

The dramatic facial expressions of the Serbian Dr. House during his two-minute address:

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