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“Arctic Dogs”: The third most watched movie on Netflix US

Last December, Iervolino Entertainment bought intellectual property rights to certain characters from the film, which will be used in the production of so-called shorts, which are increasingly in demand

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artic dogs

"Artic Dogs" / Photo: Entertainment Studios

Arctic Dogs, an animated film that began screening in US theaters last year, is one of the three most watched movies these days on Netflix US.

Iervolino Entertainment (IE), an Italian company that produces cinema, internet and television content on the international market and is listed on the Italian stock exchange AIM Italia, last December bought intellectual property rights for seven different characters from the movie "Mission Arctic" which can be used to make a series aimed at new media around the world.

The rights include the rights to merchandising, commercial use, film music, and paper publishing. Currently, the company is already realizing, based on a multi-year contract, up to 500 episodes of "Puffins" and 190 episodes of "Arctic Justice" which are also inspired by Arctic Dogs.

Iervolino Entertainment's projects are based on research and development aimed at realizing innovative products with the help of avant-garde technology, which speeds up the production process, reduces costs and improves performance of the software used.

"We are very proud of the success Arctic Dogs is having on streaming platforms, such as Netflix where it is the third most viewed film. This confirms that our vision in purchasing the seven spin-offs for web production was right. We are therefore confident in the success of the web series that we are already producing and the further ones that we can develop from the characters extracted from the film and this will positively reflect on the intrinsic value of our IP," said Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder of Iervolino Entertainment, adding:

Andrea iervolino

Andrea Iervolino / Photo: Profimedia

"As is known, our internet series consist of episodes lasting 5 minutes, which is a growing format in terms of audiovisual content, considering that everything is now downloaded on smartphones. At a time of forced self-isolation, everyone has turned to smartphones and tablets and my estimate is that in the next 10 years about 98 percent of video content consumption will shift to short forms and mobile platforms, including mobile phones and tablets."

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