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Belgraders baffled: Large crucifix of Jesus Christ placed at intersection, police investigate

Footage from cameras at the intersection will be inspected to determine who did it

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A structure in the form of the crucifix Jesus Christ has been placed on corner of Ivana Ribara and Jurija Gagarina streets in New Belgrade. It is assumed that this was done by unknown persons during the night.

The depiction of Christ is made of cardboard and was placed on a metal structure.

It is assumed that the object was installed during the night because the citizens informed the police about it early this morning.

As the police unofficially told TV Prva, there are cameras at that intersection, which will be inspected in order to determine who did it.

A Telegraf crew filmed the removal of the structure from the intersection. As can be seen in our video, the crucifix was about three meters tall.

Watch the video at the top of the page.


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