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Coronavirus enters student dorms in Belgrade: 20 students infected, rigorous measures in institution

"None of the students exhibit a severe form of the disease," epidemiologist of the Student Polyclinic Dr. Mila Paunic tells Telegraf.rs

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Photo: Tanjug/Andrija Vukelic

Coronavirus ha entered student dorms in Belgrade, and as we find out, about 20 students and their contacts from the one in Karaburma have become ill.

Epidemiologist of the Institute for Student Health Protection in Belgrade, the well-known Student Polyclinic, Dr. Mila Paunic, told Telegraf.rs that none of them have a severe clinical picture, as well as that the situation is under control.

"All of this is completely expected. They are all fine. Nobody has a difficult clinical picture," Dr. Paunic told our portal.

According to her, all students who are infected with coronavirus are now in isolation, with the help of the Student Center Belgrade.

"The Student Center found the space for isolation. Colleagues from the City Institute for Public Health in Belgrade provided us with great help. This is about 20 students and their contacts, who are in isolation ," she said and added that all institutions within the Student Center implement very rigorous preventive measures:

"The dorms are, after all, densely populated collectives. Young people socialize intensively, student rooms are small, and there is always thre threat of an infection spreading. We do our best not to let that happen."

SC Belgrade: Three students infected with coronavirus

According to information from the Institute for Health Protection of Students in Belgrade, since the return of students to the dormitories on May 15, three cases of infection with the COVID-19 virus have been confirmed so far, the Student Center "Belgrade" has announced.

All three confirmed cases received timely medical assistance, while about 20 students, who were in contact with persons positive for coronavirus, have been immediately isolated and tested.

Goran Minić, direktor, Studentski centar Beograd, dezinfekcija Studentski grad

Goran Minić, direktor Studentskog centra "Beograd" Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

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