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Ruling SNS wins elections convincingly from Srem to Sumadija: Domination in all districts of Serbia

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has won more than 62% of the vote

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Aleksandar Vučić, obraćanje, izbori 2020

Photo: Nikola Tomic

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has convincingly won the parliamentary elections held yesterday in Serbia: the ruling party won more than 62% of the vote, i.e., it will have as many as 180 deputies in the Serbian Assembly. This strong showing was obvious throughout the country.

The Ivica Dacic-SPS-JS-Dragan Markovic Palma list received 10.6 percent, or 32 seats. The list led by Aleksandar Sapic received 3.8 percent of the vote or 11 seats, while the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians had 2.5 percent or 9 seats, also crossing the threshold.

Others who will be represented in parliament include the list led by academician Muamer Zukorlic, with 1 percent of the votes or 4 seats, as well as the lists of the Albanian Democratic Alternative with 0.9 percent, that is, 3 seats, and SDA Sandzak with 0.7 percent or 2 seats.

Belgrade's Stari Grad and Vracar municipalities

And this triumphant march of the SNS began, in fact, in Belgrade's municipalities of Stari Grad and Vracar that were until recently the bastions of the opposition Democratic Party and its derivatives.

The SNS won a convincing majority in local elections in these municipalities of the Serbian capital city: 33 seats out of 63, or 49.9 percent, in Vracar, and a very high 46 percent in Stari Grad as well.

City of Nis

Representatives of the SNS in Nis announced that, according to the processed election material from a vast majority of polling stations, they won convincingly in local elections, held concurrently with the parliamentary vote.

The head of the Nis District and the first on the SNS list for the local parliament, Dragana Sotirovski, said that based on the processed material from 144 out of 176 polling stations, the SNS won 60.11 percent of the votes, followed by the SPS (8.34%), Aleksandar Sapic's SPAS. (5.07%) and the local coalition "Nis, my city" which received 5 percent of the vote, while other lists are currently below the 3 percent threshold.

"The SNS has shown great strength at this moment. Thank you to the residents of Nis and the residents of the district who turned out and circled the number 1 at all polling stations and thus entrusted the SNS and President Aleksandar Vucic and all of us who are at the local level and who will represent the city and city's municipalities in the future," said Sotirovski.

She confirmed that when it comes to parliamentary elections in the south of Serbia, the SNS list received the greatest support in Doljevac, with about 89 percent of the vote.


About 49% out of the total of 153,336 citizens registered to vote turned out in Kragujevac.

14 lists competed for 87 city assembly seats, and based on the first results, it is certain that the SNS list has won a majority, as did their candidate for mayor, Nikola Dasic - more than 40 percent of the vote.

In second place is the opposition bloc of former mayor Veroljub Stevanovic with about 20 percent of the vote. Sladjan Rakic's Alternative and the SPS are in the running for the third place.

"I am really surprised by the results. I believed in victory. There is no dilemma. I cannot interpret all that, what and how it happened," said Veroljub Stevanovic.


A coalition of JS, SPS and SNS in Jagodina received 78 percent of the vote for the local assembly, said the president of the Jagodina branch of the JS, Zoran Gligorijevic.

In a press conference held at the JS HQ he assessed that this was "one of the most convincing victories in Serbia in local elections."

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