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Novak Djokovic's big heart helps Novi Pazar: He donates millions to most endangered town in Serbia

The world's best tennis player once again showed what kind of a person he is

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Adria tour, Novak Đoković - Aleksandar Zverev

Poto: Marko Jovanovic

Novak Djokovic has decided to donate 5 million dinars to Novi Pazar, where the situation is alarming due to the coronavirus epidemic. This town is the most endangered in Serbia, and the public in our country has seen many horrible videos of crowded hospitals with patients in corridors.

As Telegraf has learned, Novak decided to set aside funds in the amount of 5 million dinars, in order to provide the necessary medical equipment to assist those most in danger.

Djokovic himself found out he was infected with coronavirus after Adria Tour in Zadar, where he was in contact with Grigor Dimitrov, the tennis player who was the first to have the virus confirmed.

Novak and his wife Jelena, who is also infected, have no symptoms, feel well and are in self-isolation.

Novak has already donated one million euros to Serbia in the fight against coronavirus at the beginning of the epidemic, and he donated the same amount to a hospital in Bergamo, according to Italian media reports. Djokovic has also donated money to Spain, which was among the most endangered countries.

However, after coronavirus cases appeared at the tournament he organized in Belgrade and Zadar, whose mission was to collect humanitarian aid, Novak found himself under attack from international media, but also by many in Serbia and the region. Everyone forgot about his humanitarian gestures, the millions he spent to help those in need, and even the fact that Adria Tour itself was conceived as a humanitarian tournament. A scandalous graffiti even appeared in Split, Croatia, wishing him death.

Novak did not comment on the insults and the scandalous media witch-hunt, he only shared a song about Kosovo on the feast of Vidovdan, June 28, with the support of children who prepared a banner for him, as well as quotes from Patriarch Pavle.

His first concrete move is the donation to Novi Pazar, that has been fighting a difficult battle with coronavirus for days, with which he probably silenced many critics.

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