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26-year-old had cardiac arrest due to coronavirus, young water polo player (14) on ventilator

We all need to take seriously how dangerous the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is

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Photo montage: Marko Jovanovic, Pixabay

Director of the  Covid hospital of the Clinical-Hospital Center (KBC) Dragiša Misovic in Belgrade Professor Doctor Vladimir Djukic is warning about a serious clinical picture developing in young patients.

The KBC Dragisa Misovic is currently treating 195 Covid patients, says the director of that Covid hospital, Professor Doctor Vladimir Djukic, adding that there are about 60 patients in the intensive care unit, while more than 30 patients are on some mode of mechanical ventilation.

Djukic stressed in a statement for TV Pink that many more young people with a severe clinical picture are now hospitalized, which was not the case in the first surge of the disease.

"The age limit has changed significantly. We have a 14-year-old boy, a water polo player, who has no associated diseases and has been transferred to artificial ventilation. This is a serious clinical picture in young people, which is also observed in all countries in the region," Djukic stressed.

He said that the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has sounded red alert in all countries in the region and that the number of new patients with a severe clinical picture is growing in Spain, Italy and England.

"This is the fifth month that all KBC Dragisa Misovic staff have been fighting for the lives of patients. The high (air) temperature these days makes the work extremely complex and I am immensely grateful to all employees," said Djukic.

The number of hospitalized patients is slowly decreasing, but there is still a large number of them in intensive care - 60, while anesthesiologists and intensive care doctors from other institutions are coming to help out in this hospital.

Ten children are currently being treated there, eight of whom are with their mothers.

"Children now also develop a more complex clinical picture than before. We have many more children running high fever," said Djukic, and added that in this second peak, pregnant women also develop a much more difficult clinical picture.

Asked about studies that show that coronavirus attacks other organs besides the lungs - such as the heart and kidneys, the director said they had a 26-year-old man from Vranje who was positive for coronavirus with severe signs of heart and kidney failure.

Djukic said that there are infected people among the hospital staff, but that many healthcare workers from other hospitals have received treatment in that health institution.


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