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Cypriot ultras welcome Red Star ahead of Omonia game with flares and the slogan, Kosovo is Serbia

It's known that APOEL fans are great rivals of Omonia, as well as that they are friendly with Red Star fans

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Although there will be no supporters at the stadium in Cyprus this afternoon, Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) footballers have felt the hospitality in this country ahead of their match against Omonia in the 3rd round of qualifications for the Champions League.

The support for the red-and-whites came from the ultras of APOEL, the biggest club in Cyprus and the champion for many years, who are the biggest rivals of Omonia that Red Star is playing against.

It is also known that APOEL fans are right-wing and have good relations with Red Star and Serbians. At one point, they prevented the transfer of an Albanian footballer to their club because he was photographed with the flag of Kosovo, while during Red Star's past preparations in Cyprus, we saw many APOEL fans coming to cheer for the red-and-whites during training matches.

Now, before Red Star's match of the season, APOEL ultras showed up with the flag and the slogan Kosovo is Serbia, lit flares and sang a song in support of Red Star against their biggest rival.

Red Star's convoy could not stop because they were under police escort, nor could they greet APOEL fans and thank them for their unexpected support.

The Red Star v. Omonia game starts this afternoon at 5 pm.


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