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After 15 years, Serbia's Torlak Institute makes flu vaccines: Their distribution has just started

Today, 50,000 doses are being distributed

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Vakcina protiv gripa Instituta Torlak

Photo: Ministry of Health

After 15 years, Serbia once again has a flu vaccine produced by its Torlak Institute. The distribution of the initial quantities to health centers throughout Serbia has just started.

As the director of the Institute for Virology, Vaccines and Serums Torlak, Vera Stojiljkovic, told RTS - 50,000 doses have been prepared, and the plan is to produce 250,000.

"This is a big day for Serbia, for all of us and for the Torlak Institute. We made a new vaccine, and Serbia has its own vaccine, strategically of undeniable importance. For a start, we prepared 50,000 doses," said Stojiljkovic.

According to her, the plan is to produce 250,000 doses, which will be successively distributed depending on how they arrive.

She thanked everyone who helped develop this new product.

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar, who was present at the start of distribution, said that Torlak produced the vaccine at a time that is particular for the whole world.

"Now, all citizens who want to get the Torlak vaccine, have that opportunity," said Loncar.

Video: Loncar: Vaccination against seasonal flu is starting


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