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A boy who disappeared near Loznica found by his mother in a haystack; he wasn't speaking

D.N. disappeared on Wednesday as he headed home after visiting his grandfather

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Dragoljub Nikolić

Photo: Telegraf.rs, Private archive

A boy, 9-year-old D.N. from Donji Dobric, who disappeared yesterday at 4 pm, was found today around noon.

As Telegraf.rs has learned, the boy was found by his mother, in a haystack behind the house.

He was freezing, did not speak, and will now be examined by doctors.

"We searched for him all night along with the police, about 100 officers participated, this morning I thought to move the bales of hay, because the children were playing there. We found him hidden in a hole. He was wearing just his t-shirt, freezing, not saying anything. He has had something to eat now," the boy's father Boban told Telegraf.rs.

As reports said earlier, the boy was with his grandfather, who saw him out as he was leaving to return home. Although the houses are 300 meters apart, the boy disappeared along the way.

The whole village immediately started searching for the missing boy, spending the whole night looking for him in vain.

The case has been reported to the Center for Social Welfare and the Prosecutor's Office.

According to the villagers, the boy is extremely hard-working and well-behaved, but he has gone missing before.

D.N. is one of five children. He has two sisters and two brothers.

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