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Montenegrin government renewing extradition request for former top official Svetozar Marovic


Abazovic says it is "unjustified that Marovic walks freely in another country"

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Svetozar Marović

Svetozar Marovic; Photo: Profimedia/AFP

The Government of Montenegro is today renewing its request to Serbia for the extradition of Svetozar Marovic, Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic told an unscheduled press conference.

"It is unjustified that Marovic now walks freely in another country, and that his son is also involved in business activities," said Abazovic.

He said this was a continuation of the fight against corruption and crime, which is a priority of the government.

Montenegrin Minister of Justice Vladimir Leposavic said that the government sent a request today for the extradition of Svetozar Marovic.

"One request has already been sent, after that request of the previous government there were two urgings, now we have that request delivered for the second time," said Leposavic.

He said that what's new compared to the earlier requests is a guarantee regarding medical treatment.

"The state of Montenegro guarantees that Svetozar Marovic will be provided with adequate treatment in Montenegro," said Leposavic.

As the conference heard, this request is not aimed at disrupting relations between Serbia and Montenegro.

"The goal is especially not to jeopardize relations," said Leposavic and added that we should work together on the issue of Marovic's extradition.

In November 2019, then Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and Minister of Justice Zoran Pazin insisted in Belgrade that Marovic should be extradited to Montenegro in order to serve his prison sentence.


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