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Businesspeople from all over the world can now enter Serbia this way; they only need do one thing

They need to contact the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) 48 hours before the planned entry to Serbia

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Granični prelaz Batrovci - Bajakovo, granica, Srbija i Hrvatska

Photo: Tanjug/Tanja Valic

On the initiative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, businesspeople from all over the world, foreign and domestic citizens who come to our country for work can, starting today, cross the border under a simplified procedure, different than the rules that apply to other passengers, the PKS has announced.

The Government of Serbia acted on the initiative to allow foreign and domestic citizens who come to Serbia for business reasons, and who upon entry do not have a negative RT-PCR test for coronavirus issued by a reference laboratory in the country they come from that is not older than 48 hours, to cross the border anyway, provided they announce the trip to the Chamber in advance.

In that case, they can later, within 24 hours upon entering the country, obtain and submit a negative RT-PCR test or an antigen test for the presence of the virus, issued by a reference laboratory in Serbia.

"In these circumstances, when most countries are introducing additional restrictions, Serbia has found a way to facilitate business, by simplifying epidemiological measures for businesspeople from all over the world, companies already present here and those who are coming for future business, by simplifying entry procedures, with the support of the PKS in performing the necessary formalities," said the President of the Chamber, Marko Cadez.

He recalled that business trips and contacts between business people are not a matter of choice but a necessity and expressed hope that the example of Serbia will be followed by other countries, so that companies all over the world, in this global health crisis, can do business with as little loss of money and time as possible, and emerge from the pandemic with as few consequences as possible.

Mali šengen sastanak, Marko Čadež

Marko Cadez; Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

According to the new rules, which are valid as of January 21, owners, managers and employees of their companies who intend to come to Serbia for business reasons, will announce their arrival in advance to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which will inform the border police in a timely manner and in that way enable them to cross the border.

Upon entering the country, they will be tested in a Serbian reference laboratory, submit the test to the Chamber and, if it is negative, continue with their planned activities.

In oder to announce their arrival, and receive further information and support, such travelers must contact the Chamber of Commerce 48 hours before the planned arrival in Serbia via this email: inocovid19@pks.rs

A request sent to the PKS should contain: name and last name of the person announcing entry to Serbia for business reasons, passport number and name of the country that issued the passport, brief description of business reasons for entering Serbia, date and place of entry, flight number and the name of the airline, i.e., registration number of a passenger motor vehicle.

Also, the date of entry to Serbia and the date of the planned exit from Serbia, the address where the person will stay while in Serbia, a contact phone number and e-mail address of the person during their stay in Serbia are required.

The new procedure will not apply to those coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia, as Serbia has already allowed passengers coming from these country entry without a negative PCR test.

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