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Serbs sing "There, Far Away" to Djokovic before he goes to bed, then Novak thrills them

A scene that will bring up special emotions in many people

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The world's best tennis player, Novak Djokovic, is having a great time in quarantine and every day we see a new interesting scene unfold under his window. After the visit of an Aboriginal woman, who brought him a drawing, Novak also had some Serbs come by, who sang the iconic Serbian song "There, Far Fway" to him "before bed."

A Serb man who introduced himself as Branko came in front of Novak's hotel in Adelaide with his wife and together they started singing "There, Far Away." Novak's window was closed, but he obviously heard the song and soon appeared on the balcony, which thrilled the singing couple, but also other people who were nearby and watched.

"Nole, we love you, we love you the best," were the first comments of the couple who were singing "There, Far Away."

"This is Bianca, my wife, I'm Branko. Be successful and in 2021, be the way you were before, we wish you all the best, and contratulate you on the slava (patron saint day)," said the Serb who sang the song, probably alluding to the fact that St. Sava's feast is celebrated in Serbia today.

"Thank you very much. I wish you all the best, may God give you a lot of happiness, health, love and togetherness," Novak replied, after which he headed to his room.

Those who gathered after that wished him good night.

See what it looked like in the video at the top of the page.

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