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Attempted kidnapping in Arandjelovac? Man intercepts girl, invites her into his car, she runs away

"The case has been reported to the police, and the girl described what happened in detail," Telegraf.rs has learned

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A few days ago, news about the kidnapping of a girl (8) from Arandjelovac started circulating on social networks. Soon news about an unknown man offering her chocolate in broad daylight and inviting her to get into her car began to spread.

The girl's mother, Mirka, tells the Telegraf.rs portal that the allegations that someone offered chocolate to her daughter are not true, but that a man driving a blue car did intercept the child on the street, as she was returning from school, and invited her into the vehicle.

"It all happened last Friday, but she kept silent about it until Wednesday. When she came home that day, she was scared, I noticed that something strange was happening. She didn't want to go to the store, or ride roller skates, spend time with her friends, she just wanted to be with me. On Wednesday, she told me that she did not want to go to school and she started crying," Mirka told our portal.

According to her, her daughter told her that a blue car stopped in front of her and that an unknown man invited her to enter.

"We're always telling her not to talk to strangers and never to take anything from them, but to run to the closest yard she sees. She did that - she immediately ran into the yard of a store that was next door. She was so scared that she was afraid to go to school after that," the mother said.

On Wednesday Mirka called the police in Arandjelovac and reported the case.

"They took my phone number and the inspector immediately called me and came to us, took a statement from my daughter. She saw that the registration was AR (Arandjelovac), but she did not remember the numbers. She even showed in the books what color his car was," the girl's mother explains.

Not the only case?

This, she says, is not the only case that has happened in their city. She heard from the parents of a boy who also attends the elementary school Sveti Sava in Arandjelovac that someone tried to lure their son into his car.

"When I reported it to the headmaster, he told me that a similar thing happened to a boy. 'Boy, you're going on foot, let me give you a lift," a man told him, but he was driving a white car. Fortunately, the child escaped," says Mirka, who adds that there were doubts about whether the children were telling the truth.

"However, my daughter could not wait for the police to come and tell them what happened. She also explained when the man arrived from which side, which street he went to. She even noticed that the tires on the car were dirty. I even asked her if it was true, and she told me, 'Would you all believe me if I got in the car and he drove me away and killed me?' I know she didn’t lie, because I’ve never seen such fear in her eyes," says our interlocutor, stating that after that, a plainclothes policeman was placed near the school.

The Arandjelovac police station told our portal that they cannot disclose information about this case, considering that it concerns a minor.

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