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Novak's slap to the West on NATO bombing anniversary: "Never forget" accompanies sad photos

The world's best tennis player remembered the aggression against our country that started 22 years ago

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Novak Đoković, NATO Bombardovanje

Photo illustration: Telegraf/AP/Tanjug/Rade Prelic

Today marks 22 years since the NATO aggression on Serbia started, under the codename "Merciful Angel," during which at least 2,500 civilians, 249 soldiers, and 22 police officers were killed and about 6,000 civilians wounded, with material damage done to the country reaching some 100 billion dollars.

The aggression was not forgotten by Novak Djokovic either, the world's best tennis player, who posted photos from the bombing on his Instagram profile, as well as of the Eternal Flame monument that honors those killed in the NATO aggression.

"Today is the anniversary of the start of NATO's 78-day air strikes against Yugoslavia in 1999. I remember this time well and it's important we take time to reflect on this history. The Eternal Flame monument in Belgrade, dedicated to the thousands of victims. Never forget," Novak's messages were in English, which the West will understand well, especially their media, who are these days attacking Djokovic by any means necessary.


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