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German ambassador: Bombing of Yugoslavia was necessary to prevent genocide

Even today, 20 years later, I believe that it was a difficult but correct decision that came only when all diplomatic means were exhausted - said Thomas Schieb

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Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb says the (NATO) bombing of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999 was necessary in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and genocide in Kosovo and Metohija.

Schieb told RTV on Wednesday that he was aware that the bombing of Yugoslavia is a controversial issue because there was no decision to approve it made by the UN Security Council.

"However, at that moment, a decision had to be made because otherwise a humanitarian catastrophe would have occurred, and the goal was to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and genocide," said Schieb.

Even today, 20 years later, he says he believes that it was a difficult but correct decision that came only when all diplomatic means were exhausted.

At this moment, he pointed out, it is important that Belgrade and Pristina continue the dialogue that will lead to comprehensive normalization of relations.

"The fact is that Kosovo now has a new prime minister and president and now the ground is laid for the continuation of the dialogue on normalization. Everyone agrees that the issue of Kosovo must be resolved, and that it is to benefit of Serbia, Kosovo and the entire region," said Schieb.

Asked whether Serbia will be able to count on Germany's support in European integration if Belgrade continues to refuse to recognize so-called Kosovo, Schieb replied that it was a "hypothetical question" but that he could not be so pessimistic.


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