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Partizan chairman blasts Super League: "Americanization of football, the gap is getting bigger"

Partizan football club is not satisfied with the newly formed competition

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FK Partizan - FK Rad

Photo: Marko Jovanovic

The richest clubs in Europe have decided to create a new competition where there will be room only for them, and call it the European Super League. Immediately after that, a chain reaction, protests, threats and everything else that could be expected after this kind of news followed. It is clear that UEFA does not intend to bow down to the clubs that have the most money, and Serbian clubs have also resolutely said no to such changes.

First, Red Star Director General Zvezdan Terzic reacted to it all on behalf of his club, and a little later, Partizan came to the fore, whose President Milorad Vucelic also expressed great indignation over the new situation.

"The gap between the rich and the poor and those less rich is deepening in the world. A need is created to ultra-commercialize everything and to put football, as a game, in the back seat. In that concept, all countries show themselves as colonial pendants that can eventually produce players for them (Super League clubs) at cheap prices, and nothing more than that," said Vucelic.

He then added that this is a disaster for football, that it stands at odds with what football actually represents and would be a big blow to the budgets of all smaller clubs.

"Such a Super League would really marginalize football as a sport. You can imagine what the World and European Championships would look like without the biggest stars, Ronaldo and Messi, how unattractive that would be for the sponsors. That would further humiliate national-level football, imagine what the national teams of Portugal and Spain would look like. The whole system is being turned on its head, a complete travesty," said the Partizan president.

Vucelic says that he is satisfied with the reaction of UEFA, which he considers to be very rational.

"In that scheme, for example, there is no place for Ajax, a serious giant. There would be much less money in other European competitions, and that's a very important detail for Partizan and Red Star to function. We all forget that we would have had a much higher ratings had there been no sanctions (against Serbia), this creates new losses. A completely unnatural thing, a westernization and Americanization of everything," stressed the Partizan president.

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