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Serbian mountain booked ahead of holidays: Plot prices up 3 times, and how much is accommodation?

Mt. Tara has been the focus of interest since last year. It has about 6,000 beds in private and hotel accommodation, and almost everything has already been rented out

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Planina Tara turizam

Photo: Rina.rs

Despite coronavirus and the current situation with low water levels on Lake Zaovine, it is obvious that Mt. Tara will once again be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Serbia during the upcoming holidays (Orthodox Christmas and May Day weekend).

Almost all private and hotel accommodation capacities have been booked, so there is demand on this mountain beauty. Also, Sokobanja and Vrnjacka Banja are equally popular.

"Covid-19 has turned citizens towards domestic tourism and Tara has been in the center of interest since last year. This mountain has about 6,000 beds in private and hotel accommodation and almost everything has already been booked," said Ranko Milanovic from NP Tara.

He says that there are traditionally popular locations - nine of them. "Banjska Stena is the most popular, but Sokolica, Uslusa, Stejenic and Biljeska Stena are not far behind in terms of the number of visits. Cruising and accommodation near Lake Perucac is also very attractive for visitors," he stated.

The great demand for this destination has brought benefits to tourist workers, but also to owners of the plots, since the price of land on Tara, depending on the location, increased several times.

"In Mitrovica, Kaludjerske Bare and Zaovine, where construction is allowed, the price of land is three times higher. We have a problem with illegal construction, but we are trying to find an adequate solution for individuals doing that," says Milanovic.

A while ago, Milanovic confirmed that for Telegraf Biznis, explaining how they are fighting illegal construction and what houses on Tara should look like.

Prices of accommodation on this mountain vary depending on the type of facility and the location. It is dominated by apartment-type accommodation in which several people can stay at the same time, and the price ranges from 30 to 60 euros (per night).

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