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Vulin's message to sports mafia: Nobody's protected, those who took Vucic lightly made a mistake

The minister of internal affairs points out that the task is clear - to eradicate irregularities in Serbian sports

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Video: Vulin talks about the football mafia: Our task is clear - we will eradicate them! They will not be protected!

Interior Minsiter Aleksandar Vulin said today that President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has given a clear task to eradicate the sports mafia, that there can be no irregularities in sports, and that no one will be and cannot be protected in that fight.

"Those who take lightly what the president of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is saying, are really making a big mistake. When President Vucic speaks, he speaks because that's the result of a serious analysis and a clear political position," Minister Vulin told the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs.

According to him, when President Vucic announced the fight against the mafia, there had been bursts of laughter but now no one is laughing anymore because a serious and decisive fight against organized crime is taking place.

"The same goes for the sports mafia. Our task is clear - to eradicate. There can be no irregularities in sports, it is up to us to do that and there are no protected people in that," Minister Vulin stressed.

Vucic recently reacted to some disgraceful matches in the top-tier football competition in the country, SuperLiga, and some in the First League, where it was obvious even to a layperson that there were dishonorable actions taking place, and he also reacted to the fact that some clubs have had (winning) streaks that even PSG or Manchester City cannot boast, announcing that severe blows would be dealt to all those involved in dishonorable actions affecting Serbian football.


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