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3 men sentenced to 80 years total for murdering elderly woman by intentionally hitting her with car

Aleksandar Djordjevic (24) killed Ruzica Marija Kovac in 2019 by deliberately hitting her bicycle with his car

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The Higher Court in Pozarevac has passed a first-instance verdict sentencing Aleksandar Djordjevic (24) from Pozarevac to 30 years in prison for the aggravated murder of Ruzica Marija Kovac (78), while Danijel Stanojevic (23) has been imprisoned for 20 years for inciting the aggravated murder. His father Sasa Stanojevic (49) has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, writes Kurir.

The father and the son were also found guilty of helping the perpetrator after the crime was committed.

Djordjevic stood accused accused of killing Ruzica Kovac with a Zastava 101 car on October 14, 2019, in Dunavska Street in Pozarevac, by deliberately hitting the woman while she was on her bicycle. In the beginning, this was thought to have been an accident, but after examining footage from surveillance cameras and questioning witnesses, it was determined that this was a case of aggravated murder.

"During the trial, the accused denied that they committed the crime they were charged with and shifted the blame to each other. They (the Stanojevics) promised Djordjevic that they would buy him a car and give him 400 euros if he agreed to kill the elderly woman. Also, they explained to Djordjevic that the woman often rode her bicycle in Dunavska Street and that he could wait for her there," a source explained.

This verdict by which the three residents of Pozarevac were sentenced to a total of 80 years in prison for a single murder is a record sentence passed by the Higher Court in Pozarevac.

"According to the verdict, from October 1 until October 14, the father and the son incited Djordjevic to kill the elderly woman in exchange for material gains. They had bought a house from her, but the woman had the right to continue to use it until her death. They stated that she made their lives a living hell - that she did not let them wash their clothes, forced them to sleep in utility rooms, swore at them and cursed them, and accused them of stealing items from the house," the verdict reads, and also states:

"It has been determined that the Stanojevics bought the Zastava car with which the woman was killed in a village near Petrovac-na-Mlavi and showed Djordjevic a suitable place where he could wait for and hit her using the car. It has been established that after the crime, Aleksandar, together with the other two defendants, went to a gas station, where they poured gasoline into two bottles. Then they went to Mihajlovac, where they poured gasoline over the car and set it on fire."

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