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Vulin: We know the name of the person who ordered the wiretapping of Aleksandar Vucic

"If you kill Vucic, you are causing fundamental political instability inside Serbia, the possibility of political conflict," Vulin stressed

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Photo: Nikola Tomic

Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandar Vulin has said that the name and last name of the individual who ordered the wiretapping of President Aleksandar Vucic is known.

"There is the name of the man who developed the system of wiretapping of Aleksandar Vucic. And we know that name," Aleksandar Vulin told today's edition of Politika, stating that it is known to whom the reports were submitted, and who ordered it.

Vulin said that this data has been sent to the prosecution, which is expected to qualify the act. He stated that the name will be known to the public when the prosecution raises an indictment.

Asked who would be brave enough to eavesdrop on the president, Vulin said that he is not sure this is a question of courage, but that it did last a year and that there was enough time to exploit those measures and do everything that was needed.

Speaking about the concern for the life of President Vucic, Vulin pointed out that when you clash with the mafia and the great powers in the political sense, you must always expect that their answer will be tough, and that it can even be fatal.

"If the 'Kavac Clan' has hundreds of millions of euros at its disposal, why do you think that a couple more million won't be spent in defense of that money, in order to liquidate the one who is fighting against the mafia," Vulin asked.

He stressed that Radoje Zvicer, the leader of the so-called of Kavac Clan (a Montenegrin crime group), is on the run, and that the huge amount of money he has now only serves the purpose of revenge.

"Of course they will go against the one who is most responsible for it. If you kill Vucic, you are causing fundamental political instability inside Serbia, the possibility of political conflict," Vulin stressed and pointed out that this means political instability in the Balkans.

Vulin said that Vucic is a very difficult man to cooperate with when it comes to his personal security and that he constantly says that he wants to talk to people and that he will not be separated from the people.

The minister stated that there was operational information that something could happen during the ceremony to unveil the monument to Stefan Nemanja, and that it was suggested to Vucic that the event be postponed, but that he did not want to hear any of it.

"He is like that, he doesn't care too much, he is used to receiving blows and cares much more for his family, like any father, brother, son. And they know that, where it hurts the most," said Vulin.

Vulin stressed that this is not being done because of the president, but because of the policy of stability, the pillar of which in Serbia is Vucic.


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