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Serbs in Paris welcome Novak with flags and flares, he starts chanting, and then "madness" began

Incredible atmosphere after the French Open title

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Video: Serbs welcome Novak with flares: They chant his name, but he wanted Serbia to echo in Paris

The world's best tennis player Novak Djokovic once again showed that he is a "mental monster" - it's amazing how he managed to overcome all obstacles at the French Open and win his 19th Grand Slam title, which brought him one step closer to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who have 20 each.

The final match was very dramatic, Novak was losing 2-0 to Tsitsipas, who also enjoyed huge support from the audience. However, Novak managed to overcome that as well, win the trophy and make tennis history, because he became the only player in the Open era to win all four Grand Slams at least twice.

Novak also had his fans in Paris, the many Serbs who live in this city, and although they were in the minority, they were heard gave Novak extra strength.

That is why Djokovic came out in front of the stadium after the match to salute them, and they greeted him with songs, Serbian flags, and flares.

"There is only one Djokovic Novak," sang the Serbs, and then Djokovic approached them and started chanting "Serbia, Serbia" - causing a proper delirium among the fans.

See what that looked like in the video at the top of the page.


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