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Drama in Prokuplje: Man shoots his ex-common law wife, then himself

The woman was shot in the back

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Pucanje Prokuplje

Printscreen: RTS

A shooting took place in the center of Prokuplje this morning around 6:30. According to information from the Health Center, this was most likely an attempted murder and suicide. Both people are in serious condition.

Z.B. (53) shot his former common law wife I.R. (44) in the back, writes Kurir.

He then shot himself.

It is suspected that Z.B. committed the attack in front of the municipal building in Prokuplje, where I.R. works.

According to unofficial information, Zoran allegedly was not paying child support for years, so a few days ago he received a court order to make the payment.

After receiving medical assistance, they will be transported to the University Clinical Center in Nis.

Z.B. has life-threatening wounds.

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