Teme: Suicide

Tragedy in Belgrade: A boy jumped out from the 7th floor because his mother didn't allow him to play video games!

There is no one to bury a mother and a son: Milos' father drowned and mother has been handicapped for 15 years, he complained that it was hard, so he committed a crime

Suicide game arrived near Serbia? Parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina fear for their children (PHOTO)

Daddy, we will be good and you will be proud of us: Newspapers full of obituaries for Mirko Butulija (PHOTO)

The president of Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia shot in his office by his General Secretary, who then killed himself! (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Zeljko left his wife and four children over waitress Violeta, and then he shot twice in her head: Bloody crime in Vienna (PHOTO)

A boy killed himself over bad grades, the doctors spent the entire night with the pregnant mother, they were afraid she will lose the unborn baby

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Mother of slaughtered children had a nervous breakdown in front of cameras

Ana met a granny (80) who wanted to jump into the Danube, and she did the most beautiful thing in the world (PHOTO)

Slavica became a widow with four children, her husband committed suicide yesterday over the debt of 185 euros: The electricity is back on, but the suffering doesn't end there (PHOTO)

Bobana watcher her parents die, she tried to commit suicide and she lost both hands: Now, she has a store, she is happily married and she has a child (PHOTO)

Milica cut her veins in Belgrade park: They raped her, and whomever she called that night didn't answer (VIDEO)

David's father called upon all authorities in the parliament of Republika Srpska: I am asking for truth and justice, who is involved in the murder of my son

A man threatened that he will activate a bomb in front of the Serbian Parliament (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

SHOOTING IN BELGRADE, THERE ARE CASUALTIES: Man jumped from the sixth floor, the emergency teams are arriving constantly (PHOTO

Praljak's suicide investigation completed: It was revealed if someone helped him kill himself

Dalibor didn't want to kill himself, the device exploded by accident: Unexpected twist in the case of thrown bomb at the embassy of USA

Former decorated soldier of Yugoslav National Army despised NATO, his last statuses pointed to horror: Who is Dalibor from Kraljevo who blew himself up in front of the US embassy? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Silence after the night of terror in Podgorica: A cordon of police in front of the US embassy, the investigation is in progress (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Creepy night in Montenegro: He threw a bomb at the USA embassy, and then he killed himself

What made Tamara (21) jump from the 10th floor? Details of the terrible tragedy in Belgrade revealed, parents and grandma desperate (PHOTO)

A boy from Obrenovac killed himself because of sadness for his family: He missed his father, his mother left him, she took sisters and his twin

Horror in New Belgrade: A man sat down on a bench and shot himself

Commemoration of a War Criminal: Zagreb is honoring Slobodan Praljak

They called him the monster from Zemun Polje - Swine, he was cruel and he threatened everyone: He threw his lover out of the car and shot her in the head

Hero of Belgrade saved his 30th life: Renato Grbic pulled out a young man (28) from the cold Danube and he revealed his first words

Cursed Adriatic island claimed another victim: Mysterious deaths occurred there, and another tragedy happened yesterday

Marina (29) set her self, her son, and her daughter on fire: She got off from work, she picked up her children and took them deep into the woods - and then their bodies were found

Wounded actress saved herself from certain death with incredible move: Surgeon shot her in the head, and Ivana reacted in a second

Ivana wanted to leave the surgeon, but he didn't allow it: The agony lasted for too long, and then the actress nearly avoided death!