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Horror in Cacak: Man tries to set house on fire, then stabs wife, and son who tried to protect her

R.K was treated in a psychiatric hospital after he tried to set fire to the family home, and immediately after he was discharged he attacked his wife

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Photo illustration: Milena Djordjevic

After he two weeks ago tried to set the family home in the village of Zablace in Cacak on fire, while his wife and children were there, R.K. was discharged from the psychiatric ward, only to attack his wife again.

"He banged on the door late last night and no one opened it for him. He stayed there until the morning and when the children opened the door, he burst inside and attacked the unfortunate woman. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the abdomen. Their 11-year-old son tried to defend his mother, but R.K. also attacked him and cut his fingers," a local in Zablace told RINA.

The woman has been admitted to the General Hospital in Cacak with severe injuries, and is undergoing surgery.

Residents of this village say that the police intervened in this family over 20 times due to domestic violence.

"We're afraid he won't stop until he kills her. They have four children, this is terrible. Let someone react before it's too late," said the local man.

As they claim, R.K. has so far always managed to get off only with minor warnings.


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