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Todorovic: Today will be the hottest day in June in the last 100 years

Nedeljko Todorovic from RHMZ also revealed how many more heat waves await us during this summer

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Even last night it was difficult to sleep due to the hot weather, while the morning started at 27 degrees Celsius - which what was measured in Belgrade at five o'clock. And an extremely high temperature of up to 40 degrees still awaits us today. So be careful everywhere, in traffic, at work, at the beach and follow the doctors' advice. Meteorologist Nedeljko Todorovic expects that the record hottest day in June, which was June 18, 1918, when the temperature reached 38 degrees, will be broken in Belgrade today.

Todorovic said that the temperature today will most likely not exceed 40 degrees, and will range from 35 to 38 degrees in most places, 39 degrees at most, but will not exceed 40.

"It is significant that this is extremely hot for the month of June," said Todorovic and added that data shows the temperatures a hundred years ago were similar to today's.

He is convinced that the daily record will be broken today and that this will certainly be the hottest June 24, because the highest temperature on this day so far has been 37.4 degrees.

Todorovic said that the temperature in the tropics is uniform and that in our country, in our region, it can be much warmer.

"Nighttime temperatures in the tropics range from 18 to 22, and go up to 32 degrees during the day. In our latitudes, it can be much warmer due to the subtropical zone," stressed Todorovic.

He added that it is as hot in Moscow as it is here, while the temperatures depend on the currents above the European continent, so it is 15 degrees cooler in the West.

He announced that the weekend will be slightly cooler, but that one or two more waves with such high temperatures can be expected during the summer, and that this summer will be warmer than usual.


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