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This is how a Serb celebrates! 3 fingers raised high after Djokovic qualifies for Olympic semis

The Serb crushed the Japanese and then delighted us with his celebration

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novak đoković

Photo: Tanjug/Ap

We are repeating ourselves, but let's say it again: Novak Djokovic has no real rival in Tokyo, not even the experienced Kei Nishikori was that, who got "swept away" 6-0, 6-0. He barely made our ace break a sweat and now there are only two victories standing between Djokovic and the Olympic gold.

Novak easily overcame this obstacle as well, the Japanese posed no threat, he fired blanks at the Serb who is, it sometimes seems, impossible to beat this year.

The Serb brought us joy with the game, but also with one gesture which will surely strengthen him on the pedestal as the most beloved Serbian athlete.

Immediately after winning the match point, Novak raised three fingers in the Serbian salute, that powerful image was immortalized, the picture traveled the world, and Serbia is rejoicing both the victory and this way of celebrating by her famous son.


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