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Wahhabi leader released from prison in Bosnia: Bosnic is free with no conditions attached

In 2016, Bosnic was sentenced to seven years in prison for recruiting and inciting to terrorism, and organizing terrorist groups

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husein bilal bosnić

Printscreen: Youtube/ O KANAL

Former Wahhabi leader from Buzim, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Husein Bilal Bosnic, was released today unconditionally after spending seven years in prison in Vojkovici. He was sent there by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for inciting to terrorism.

Prison head Sinisa Perkovic told the Srna agency that Bosnic left the prison at 9:00 am, that he behaved well while serving his sentence, and that everything else is under the jurisdiction of security agencies.

In 2016, Bosnic was sentenced to seven years in prison for recruiting and inciting to terrorism, and organizing terrorist groups. He was transferred to Vojkovici from the Zenica prison.

He was sentenced in the first instance in late 2015, when he was found guilty of giving speeches in 2013 and 2014 with the aim of encouraging members of the Salafi community to join an organized terrorist group that was part of Islamic State.

His speeches were published on YouTube, where, among other things, he was heard saying that everything was "theirs" all the way to Sandzak.

"Who stopped us in 1995 from taking Banja Luka and Prijedor and from fulfilling the promises we gave to the people - that we would come to the Drina, that we would worship on the Mehmed Pasa bridge? That we would then head towards Sandzak? That's all ours," Bosnic said.

One of his most famous statements is that about taxing Croats and Serbs in BiH, that is, taking ten percent of their belongings - modeled after the practices of Ottoman Turks.

He was arrested on September 3, 2014 during Operation Damask, together with 15 other Salafis, but after three months they got released. However, he was arrested again shortly afterwards and then sent back into custody.

Security experts say Bosnic's release is a challenge for the police and other agencies.

While in prison, Bosnic tried to get released by filing petitions to end his prison sentence, and appealed also to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, alleging that he did nor have a fair trial, or the right to freedom of thought and speech.

Bosnic served his prison sentence in full and is now free with no conditions attached.


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