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Wasp spider spotted again, this time on Mt. Tara: "Ugly creature" - or "beautiful specimen"?

This spider is not dangerous, and some say that it is even useful against pests

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Photo: Shutterstock, Wikipedia/Masaki Ikeda

After the photos of unusual, wasp-like and somewhat frightening-looking species of spiders that our readers have been sending us, people who are finding these creatures in their homes are posting more on social networks.

A photo of a yellow spider, with black patterns and huge legs, was posted on Reddit. It was taken at the door of a house on Mt. Tara. Namely, the spider had already woven its web, but was also missing one leg.

This is likely the wasp spider, the kind that was previously seen in Smederevska Palanka and in Umcari. As arachnologist Gordana Grbic confirmed for Telegraf.rs earlier, this spider is not aggressive and is not dangerous.

"All spiders are poisonous, because they have poison glands. They use the poison to hunt. But most have such a weak mouth apparatus that they cannot pierce a person's skin and bite. Those species that can, their poison is, in most cases, completely harmless to humans or causes only a local reaction. Pain at the site of the bite, swelling, redness. It's like being bitten by a bee or a wasp," she said at the time.

According to her, allergic reactions are also possible, which can be stronger, like with bee stings, but it depends on the person who gets bitten.

However, what is much more important, said Gordana Grbic, is the fact that the spider can control whether or not to release venom.

"So even if it bites you it doesn't mean that it has injected you with anything, you may only have been warned," said this expert.

However, judging by the comments left under the posts, very few would like to come across this wasp-like animal.

“What sort of a creature is this, from the middle of New Zealand,” “I’ve decided not to visit Tara,” “What an ugly creature,” said some of the comments. However, there were also those who admire the wasp spider species.

"Beautiful," "Beautiful specimen," "I hope you didn't kill it, they are useful against pests" - said others.


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