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Banat, too, has its "Tuscany": Zagajica Hills - an incredibly beautiful oasis in Deliblato Sands

This natural attraction is ideal for lovers of hiking and biking

Photo: Ivan Strahinic

In the Special Nature Reserve Deliblatska Pescara (Deliblato Sands), in the territory of the municipality of Bela Crkva in Banat, northern Serbia, are Zagajicka Brda (Zagajica Hills), one of the many tourist attractions in Serbia.

They were created from ancient sand dunes at the bottom of the dried up Pannonian Sea.

As the kosava wind blew through the sand, the dunes eventually took the form of small hills, and a thin layer of soil formed above the sand.

The sand dunes are about 200 meters tall and almost all of them are hemispherical in shape, with the highest of them rising to 256 meters above sea level.

Zagajicka Brda are ideal to visit during April and May, or in October and November when there is not much rainfall. In the spring, they are covered in incredible shades of green, and in the fall, they look like an endless golden sea.

Tourists who have visited the Zagajicka Brda at least once say that the are can be referred to as "the Tuscany of Banat" because of the beautiful landscapes.

Apart from being a treat for hikers who love to walk, Zagajicka Brda are also a real challenge for lovers of cycling.

Photo: Ivan Strahinic


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