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New MUP campaign: "Don't be like Miki, celebrate with heart, not with weapons"


Pyrotechnic devices are a type of explosive, and therefore should be handled with extreme care

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On the threshold of yet another holiday season in Serbia, as you prepare to celebrate with your loved ones - your family and friends - the Interior Ministry (MUP) invites you "not to be like Miki" and insead, "celebrate with your heart, not your weapon." On this occasion, the police devised an interesting campaign in which they are telling citizens of Serbia to think about whether they want to be the ones who will ruin the party. Videos have also been published that make it clear to us what can happen if we are not careful and do not care for our own and other people's safety.

The videos describe situations that can go wrong when you use pyrotechnics, or shoot from a firearm. There are also several cases cited that ended in serious injuries.

And for that reason, if you think that lighting firecrackers and pyrotechnics is a harmless child's play, think again.

In early 2021, in the village of Pucile, Bosnia and Herzegovina, two boys were injured as they played with firecrackers; one of the two was hospitalized with severe hand injuries. A 10-year-old girl's life was endangered when a guest activated an explosive device at a family celebration in Cacak, Serbia. The girl was transported to the hospital in with life threatening chest injuries.

Pyrotechnic devices are a type of explosive, and therefore should be handled with extreme care. Unfortunately, even where they are allowed by law, pyrotechnics are often bought on the street from illegal suppliers - street vendors. The quality of these explosive devices is questionable, and the conditions of their storage are unregulated. Do you really want to risk your safety by using them, or worse - the safety of someone you love?

Although celebratory shootings are not allowed across the Western Balkans, and the use of pyrotechnics is banned or restricted in many jurisdictions, the sounds of firearms, firecrackers, fireworks and other pyrotechnics during the holidays are almost a regular occurrence.

"At the same time, there is no denying the fact that firearms and pyrotechnics are very dangerous. We know this because every year we witness a large number of deaths, injuries, property damage and arrests as a result of celebratory shootings. Therefore, if you are preparing for the upcoming celebrations with a nonchalant attitude that 'nothing bad will happen' - keep in mind some of the events that happened to some who were thinking just like you," the MUP said.


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