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Presidential elections in Serbia scheduled for April 3

In line with the Constitution and the law, the decision was signed by the President of the National Assembly, Ivica Dacic

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Presidential elections have been scheduled in Belgrade today at noon, which will be held on April 3, when both parliamentary and local elections will also be organized.

In line with the Constitution and the law, the decision was signed by the president of the National Assembly, Ivica Dacic.

"The elections for the president are announced by the president of the National Assembly 90 days before the expiration of the term in office of the current president of the Republic, so that elections are completed in the next 60 days," said Dacic after signing the act.

The decision enters into force when it gets published in the Official Gazette, which means that election activities will start immediately.

Candidates for president of the Republic may be nominated by political parties that are registered on the day the decision to call the elections, a coalition of political parties or a group of citizens.

Candidacy is done by submitting the candidate's proposal to the Republic Election Commission, no later than 20 days before election day. Along with the candidate's proposal, each submitter must submit the legally prescribed documentation, as well as at least 10,000 court-certified statements of voters who support a proposed candidate with their signatures.

Who are the confirmed candidates so far?

So far, the confirmed presidential candidates are Vladimir Vuletic, founder and president of the "Crno na Belo" ("Black on White") movement, an associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade and former vice president of the Partizan Football Club.

There is also Biljana Stojkovic from the coalition "Moramo" ("We Must") a professor at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, who supported Sasa Jankovic in the 2017 presidential elections.

Milica Djurdjevic is a representative of the Serbian Party Zavetnici, one of the founders of the Serbian Assembly Zavetnici. She was a member of the Serbian Radical Party.

Misa Vacic is also a candidate, he comes from the Serbian Right, and is the founder and president of that party.

Opposition candidate Zdravko Ponos represents the United Serbia coalition. He is a retired lieutenant general of the Serbian Army, former chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army and former assistant minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia. He also served as chief of the cabinet to the president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Bosko Obradovic is president of the Serbian Movement Dveri, MP from 2016 to 2020 and former president of the Dveri parliamentary group.

The candidacy of Srdjan Skoro, a former member of the presidency of the Movement of Free Citizens, has been supported by the movement "Da se struka pita" ("Let the professionals have a say").

There are also Nikola Sandulovic, founder and president of the Republican Party, and Milos Jovanovic, on behalf of the NADA coalition. He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and president of the Democratic Party of Serbia.

The current president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said that he moved the decision of his party, the SNS, on its presidential candidate for March 7, which will allow everyone to submit their candidate's bid before that party does.

Video: Dacic schedules local elections for April 3


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