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Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

Disturbing video of New Belgrade hit: Masked killer approaches table and fires at Luka


Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

As can be seen, the killer dressed in work clothes came out of the toilet, then fired several bullets at Zizic, and then two people jumped on him

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Last night, Luka Zizic (37) got shot and killed in New Belgrade's cafe Ritual, and now a video of the murder, recorded by a surveillance camera in the establishment, has surfaced.

As can be seen, the killer dressed in work clothes came out of the toilet, then fired several bullets at Zizic, and then two people jumped on him.

Yesterday, the killer drove to the cafe where Zizic was with his brother and friends.

He was wearing work clothes, a cap, mask, gloves and a fluorescent vest. He said "Good evening" and asked to use the toilet. After a few minutes, he walked out, approached Luka and started shooting him in the head and chest.

When they realized what was happening, Luka's friends jumped on the killer and started beating him. At that pointed they managed to remove the mask from his face, take away his gun and a glove.

The police found a gun and a clip, a glove and a mask belonging to the suspect at the scene of the murder. These items are now analyzed in order to recover DNA samples. The blood of the young man suspected of committing the crime was also found at the crime scene - says our source close to the investigation.

At one point, Luka's brother took out a knife and headed towards the suspect.

"We saw that Zizic took out a knife and that he was going to attack the young man who shot his brother. In order to stop him from injuring the man, we protected the killer who took advantage of the moment and fled the cafe. He took a scooter that was in the bushes and disappeared," the victim's friends explained.

The police also took a statement from the brother of Luka Zizic. He confirmed that he was in the bar when a young man dressed in work clothing entered.

"He said that they jumped the killer after the shooting. That they struck him, but he ran away. He said that his brother effectively died in his arms," says our source.

The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade has been informed about the case.

The police took footage from nearby cameras in an effort to track down the killer as quickly as possible.

Luka Zizic passed away last night at 7:43 pm, and the police are still looking for the killer.


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