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Brnabic: Strong, professional people in new cabinet, Vucic is "political mastermind", I hope he won't retire

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic was on a TV Pink talk show last night

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Photo: Tanjug/Strahinja Acimovic

Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic was a guest on Pink TV last night when she pointed out that we will have strong names in the new covernment.

She said that the circumstances have become serious since the election until today.

"The government that is in the technical mandate is still the government that performs all the tasks important for citizens. From the time the elections were held until today, the Third World War has practically started, the circumstances are serious and it was more important to prepare for the winter," said Brnabic.

She added that this means a responsible leadership.

"We have strong names in the government, very professional people. It is a pro-Serbian government. There is neither left nor right, neither east nor west, it is a government that deals with and defends our national interests. the SNS, as the backbone of this government, has shown that holding positions are not important to us," added the PM-designate.

She said that she is a proud member of the SNS and that she felt proud yesterday because former ministers came out and expressed gratitude for having the honor of working for their country, and that she thinks such a gesture is "rare."

Brnabic added that the SNS, as the backbone of this government, has shown that holding positions are not important to it, and that she will give important roles to people whom she thinks can "pull even more, bring new energy and ideas and the party will stand behind those people even when they are not its members."

Commenting on the criticisms about the long deadline to form the government, i.e. to reveal the candidates for ministers, Brnabic said that the government that is in a technical mandate is still the government that performs all the tasks important for the citizens, and that everything is in accordance with constitutional deadlines.

Commenting on the fact that Tomislav Zigmanov was proposed as Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Brnabic said that she was glad that he accepted that offer.

"I think it's a good signal. Certainly, if you look at the criteria of the Council of Europe and some other international organizations, we are already a country that is at the top of the European list regarding the respect of minority rights. This is just another step in that direction, so I think it will be good," said Brnabic.

In addition to Prime Minister Brnabic, director Ljubisa Ristic and former intelligence officer Bozidar Spasic were also on the show.

Ristic said that the government could have been in a technical mandate as long as Serbia needed it.

"This is a government of continuity, a guarantee of the continuation of a policy with which the majority of citizens agree," he added.

Spasic compared the government to a football team.

"I think the best players have been selected," he said.

The show touched on President Vucic potentially stepping down as head of state, and Brnabic expressed her hope that it would not come to that, but noted that the president clearly showed foreigners that he is ready to sacrifice his position.

"Even if that happens, the SNS policy will not change. The answers will be the same as long as the Serbian Progressive Party is here," she added.

According to Brnabic, Vucic never made a move unless he had three planned moves in advance.

"In difficult times, this led us to be one of the most respected countries in Europe, Serbia is known throughout the world as a country that leads an independent policy. When I was writing the exposé for the Assembly, I noticed that there were as many as three pages of data on who had visited Serbia since October 2020, and that at was at the time of coronavirus. The president won that position for us with the smartest work. We will never get to the point where he has to resign. It's an honor to work side by side with such a man," said Brnabic.

She said that Vucic is a "political mastermind" and that he never makes a move without having planned three moves in advance and alternative ones.

The prime minister also touched on solving the Kosovo issue, as well as the potential deadline by which an agreement should be reached - February 24, according to what the Albanian Post is publishing.

Brnabic said that she does not know about that date, and that if the West threatens Serbia with blackmail, she will not support such a policy.

"I think that in the course of the last five years, they have changed their rhetoric towards Serbia. We have a correct relationship, although we disagree on some things. The West is bothered by Serbia's stance because they project, that is, they have committed aggression and violated the resolution of the United Nations Security Council," she stated.

The Serbian Progressive Party celebrated its 14th birthday over the weekened, and the prime minister said that she is most proud of the fact that Serbia leads an independent policy.

"We started with an average salary of 330 euros, and at the end of this year it will increase to 700 euros. Among the many successes are the high speed rail, we have confidence that we never had before, but we know that we have to work a lot. We are facing the most difficult time so far and I am very concerned, but I know that there is a way to overcome this too," says Brnabic.

Video: Vucic on the new Government of Serbia: 24 names, several more decisions pending


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