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You're a great man, Novak! He stops training in the park to help women struggling with heavy suitcases

Our tennis player's heart of gold

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Novak Djokovic is a great tennis player, according to many the greatest of all time, but he is also a great man, and shows that almost every day.

His coach Marco Panichi filmed an interesting moment in Paris where Novak training in preparation to defend the Masters title he won there last year.

Namely, Novak decided to stop his training session in order to help women who were struggling with their suitcases, which were quite heavy.

Djokovic first took one suitcase, carried it a dozen meters, then went back to get another, which he also carried and helped a girl, after which he continued to carry the suitcase instead of one of them.

His coach pointed out that he was proud and happy because of this gesture.

"During the warm-up in the park, he left me with an elastic band in hand and ran over to help a lady who had a problem with her luggage and helped her to the station. Obviously the training was over, but I'm still happy. Simply, Nole," Marco Panichi captioned the video he published.

This gesture by Novak delighted many, who wrote praises about Novak and his "golden heart" on his coach's Instagram.

Novak is defending his title in Paris this week. He is free in the first round, while in the second he will play against the best from the match between Maxime Cressy and Diego Schwartzman.


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