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World exclusive: Photos and video in front of Brian Walshe's mother's apartment, men "working" on the car

Telegraf.rs journalist Zorica Radulovic has been in Boston for two weeks, where she followed the case of the missing Serbian woman Ana Walshe

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Telegraf.rs journalist Zorica Radulovic, the only journalist from Serbia who stayed in Boston for two weeks and followed the story of the missing Serbian woman Ana Walshe, for whose murder her husband Brian Walshe has been accused in the meantime, failed to get in touch with his mother Diana Walshe, but she filmed an interesting situation in front of her apartment.

After arriving in Boston, the Telegraf.rs journalist first went to in front of the family home of Ana and Brian Walshe in Cohasset, where, as prosecutors now believe, the murder took place on January 1. Following the story, she also went to the home of Brian Walshe's mother, Diana Walshe, but was unable to reach her or get her to answered the intercom.

Neighbors told her they hadn't seen her since Ana went missing, while she and her car, a red "Beetle," were filmed near Ana Walshe's home on January 7 and 8.

Our journalist was in front of Diana Walshe's apartment several times, but she never managed to see her. However, during the second attempt on January 23, she recorded an interesting situation in front of her apartment. At that time, her son Brian Walshe was already accused of murdering his wife Ana.

As you can see in the exclusive photos and video, two men, whose jackets read State Police, were busy doing something around Diana Walshe's car.

The video shows one of them lying on the ground at the back of the vehicle and doinf something, while another member of the state police hands him an item from a gray vehicle parked next to the red one.

According to the Telegraf portal, they stayed for about five minutes, after which one drove off and the other entered the building.

What they did with Brian Walshe's mother's car and whether it was part of the investigation, we have not been able to find out.

What is certain is that no one has seen Diana Walshe for days and it is not known whether she is in her apartment or perhaps has taken refuge somewhere while the case against her son is unfolding.

As a reminded, Brian Walshe is accused of murdering his wife Ana Walshe, who disappeared on January 1.

He was first arrested for obstructing the investigation, and then the prosecutor's office brought the murder charges against him.

His bail was revoked and he will appear in court again on February 9.

Ana left behind three sons, who are currently being cared for by the state.

Video: Telegraf again in front of the house of the millionaire mother of Brian Walshe


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