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"For 27 days he beat me with rolling pin, strangled me with cable, urinated on me and threatened to kill me"

The police were called yesterday around 5 pm by neighbors of the married couple, who heard a fight and an argument

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Hirurg N.O.

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A well known surgeon from the Military Medical Academy (VMA), N.O. (48), was arrested yesterday for domestic violence, and his wife I.O. was diagnosed with serious injuries - broken ribs, a broken upper arm, a hematoma on the head and bruises on the body.

After she was examined at the hospital in Zemun, the woman was allowed to go home and continue her treatment there.

Unofficially, she stated that "the abuse lasted for 27 days and she barely survived it."

As Telegraf.rs has learned, I.O. stated during the investigation that her husband beat her with a rolling pin, tried to strangle her with a cable, urinated on her and threatened to kill her.

As we were the first to report, the police were called yesterday around 5 pm by neighbors of a married couple, who heard a fight and an argument.

The door was opened by I.O. who said that "he (the husband) did not beat her, but that they only had a verbal confrontation."

However, the police officers noticed the injuries and asked to take her for a medical examination. At that point, the story of gruesome violence began to emerge.

I.O. explained in detail what the motive of their frequent quarrels was, as well as when they started.

The married couple has three minor children who, unofficially, also suffered beatings by their father.

During the investigation, the police seized two pistols.

The investigation is being conducted by the Third Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, and the well-known surgeon will be questioned tomorrow.

He is suspected of committing the crime of domestic violence.

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