A man from Balkans followed his wife for a month, and then he caught her "in the act" with an older man - in a car, in the middle of a field

They meet for the first time, they exchange few words and "hook-up" from the door: After the action, they split up as if nothing happened. These ads pushed the limits in Serbia (PHOTO)

Butcher from Kosjeric killed his wife because of Facebook: There is an incredible story behind the unprecedented crime

Ivana Trump landed in Belgrade: She is in our country for the first time, and this is where she went straight from the airport (VIDEO)

Ivana (5) is the only girl in the mountain village, a daughter of a Serb and Albanian: She chops wood, cleans the barn and watches the cattle, and she has no friends (VIDEO)

TITO WAS A SEX MANIAC? Everything about the love life of Broz and his young women! (PHOTO)

My son, I promise to avenge you, I will find your killer: The father of Marko Markus has sworn on his grave at his funeral

Monster from Pancevo murdered his wife on her birthday! Biljana gave birth 20 days ago, she was beautiful, and he was 20 years older than her (PHOTO)

Maja knew what will happen, she got into debt to protect her child, and her life became hell with one decision of the court

REMEMBER WELL THE FACE OF THIS MONSTER: This inhuman strangled his son monstrously and stabbed his wife in Rakovica (PHOTO)

THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE MONSTER WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING HIM ON THE GROUND: Policemen discovered what was the murderer saying while they tried to revive his son (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

These are the angels who were brutally murdered in Social Welfare Center in Rakovica (PHOTO)

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