Teme: Brussels

The USA launched the first sanction to Pristina! Effective until they abolish taxes

The team from Pristina remained speechless after the meeting in Brussels: They ran away from the journalists when they heard the EU stance

We jumped over the table to settle this, and then Vucic jumped! Dacic about the details of a quarrel on the meeting with Albanians in Brussels

Russia ready to join the negotiations about Kosovo: Popovic after the talks in Moscow

Is EU membership by 2025 a mission impossible or is there a possible twist which was announced in September?

NATO has spoken of a solution for Kosovo that involves border change

It was proposed to the European Parliament to accept an agreement on border change if Belgrade and Pristina agree: Draft on the resolution suggested by McAllister was adopted

Scandal! Albanians want to sue Serbia for 22 billion euros: This is the price of war compensation ?!

A new round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina starts today: Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci face to face in Brussels

They are preparing in Pristina for "drawing" of the border with Serbia

The Albanians have 120 hours to complete the request: What will happen on Saturday?

The division of Kosovo means war, anyone who speaks about it will bring a tragedy to the Balkans: A terrible warning by Haradinaj after the round of negotiations in Brussels

Vucic and Thaci are starting a new round of negotiations in Brussels: Pristina delegation arrived in unexpectedly expanded composition

Albanians are firing from all weapons before the negotiations in Brussels: Will there be the dialogue at all?

They are taking down Thaci on Kosovo: Pristina parties don't want him in charge of dialogue with Belgrade

Pristina left the dialogue, BELGRADE HAS THE ANSWER: Dacic on Kosovo's decision not to implement the agreement on forming Community of Serb Municipalities

Austria doesn't want workers from Croatia because of a simple, obvious reason: They are identified as a potential danger to the labor market

EU responded to Rama's statement that Albania and Kosovo should have one president


Slovakia does not want workers from the Balkans: Most of them come from Serbia, we do not want to be like a suburb of Brussels

Vucic aborts negotiations, he is returning from Brussels: An urgent session of the National Security Council was scheduled over the murder of Ivanovic

Serbia on the European path: Two new chapters have been opened in Brussels

Scandal in Brussels: Haradinaj insulted Mogherini, she left the meeting

We can't continue with the dialogue if the America is not by the table: Haradinaj created a new platform for dialogue with Belgrade

European Commission: Kosovo and Catalonia are not for comparison

THE WEST THREATENS US: They give us 18 months to accept Kosovo, otherwise we will be retaliated

Take a look at Ivana's jump for victory and her magical smile with which she won the Brussels and the Diamond league (VIDEO)

Ivana Spanovic is jumping on Friday night to defend the Diamond League

President in Brussels: An informal meeting with Thaci and Mogherini

NEW SLAP TO SERBIA FROM BRUSSELS: Juncker is now opposed of Balkans entering EU quickly