Teme: Denver Nuggets

Jokic's face when he accidentally ripped off the microphone is priceless (VIDEO)

One jump away from another triple-double: Brilliant Nikola Jokic saved Denver from Oklahoma! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Nikola Jokic celebrated his 24th birthday: While he was blowing candles, his brother said, "Kosovo is Srbija" (PHOTO)

Jokic showed how many pairs of shoes he has and he amazed the Americans! (VIDEO)

BRAVO: Nikola Jokic is going to the All-Star, the coaches chose the Serb for the main match!

Incredible Jokic destroyed Pelicans and wrote the history of Denver with new triple-double! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Phenomenal Jokic "killed" Gasol and Grizzlies: He scored 24 points and he hit the last one for victory (VIDEO)

The Americans asked Jokic if he is going to watch Novak in the finals of the Australian Open, and his facial expression said it all! (VIDEO)

Jokic performed a pass of the season and then he "shot down" the coach of Chicago! The fans were screaming in laughter! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The hostess of the show invited Serbs to vote for Jokic, and they had a brutal answer: He will get the vote if he plays for the national team

Jokic's New Year magic: "Triple-double" to remember, points for the victory, everybody is looking Denver in their back (VIDEO)

Nikola Jokic dominated against the great Doncic, Denver wrote new pages of the club history (VIDEO)

Jokic's craziest three points in his life were not valid, but the Serb brought the great victory for Denver with a triple-double (VIDEO)

Professor Bjelica held a basketball class: Sacramento destroyed Atlanta, double-double of Bobi Marjanovic! (VIDEO)

A new double-double by Jokic, Bjelica great in the "Serbian" NBA derby, Bobi had his minute! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Jokic played with Lakers again, LeBron is getting used to the City of Angels! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Jokic's show in Denver, he was restless while his teammate was on a photo shoot, he even performed a handstand

Jokic on the list of Top 5 centers of the NBA: The Serb left mega stars behind him, and one segment stalled him from placing even better!

Amerikanci zbog Jokića sad znaju da Nikola nije žensko ime!

Trophies are more important to me than money: Jokic surprised everybody with this statement!

Nah, I won't play for the national team: Jokic discovered what was going through his head because of his cancelation for Eurobasket

Jokic scored 35 points and had an attack for the win, but Denver lost the chance for the playoff after the extra time (VIDEO)

Double-double Jokic better than Bjelica in "Serbian" NBA derby! (VIDEO)

Jokic as Cristiano Ronaldo: The Serb stole the show! (VIDEO)

Maestral Jokic delivered 35 points to Milwaukee, Bogdan led the Kings to triumph! (VIDEO)

Serbian Kolo in NBA: Was Jokic motivated by the sounds of his homeland? (VIDEO)

Teodosic's burst fire for three points he has never shown in NBA so far, Jokic terrorized the centers of Chicago (VIDEO)

Jokic played a great match, but Denver lost after two extra times: However, they wouldn't be there if the Serb didn't jump like that (VIDEO)

Nikola Jokic disassembled the strongest centers of NBA league: Serbian triple-double machine is unstoppable! (VIDEO)

The world is delirious over Jokic's move: Even Bogdan couldn't handle his dribble (VIDEO)