Is this Jokic, drinking beer in a betting shop with his friends? Paparazzo photo from Sombor became a hit on the internet! (PHOTO)

Someone took a photo of the ace of Denver in the moments when he was relaxing

Basketball player of Denver, let's hope the player of the national team from this summer, Nikola Jokic. He finished his season in the NBA with the defeat from Portland. Then he returned to Sombor, which he waited for a long time.

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It is well known that people of Sombor love Nikola and he likes to hang out with his old friends, to go out in the same places where he went before, cafes and betting shops.

He had a lot of things to say to his longtime friends, judging by the photo which started spreading on social networks, and it is claimed that it appeared in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the day after Portland's game with the Golden Gate for the throne of the west.

It seems that Jokic got over the defeat, and now we have to wait for his final decision about the World Cup. Besides, he will dedicate himself to another hobby in his home town, horses...

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