Teme: Drugs

Serbian dealers-soldiers who fell with cocaine worth 120,000 euros due to naive mistake, admitted everything and struck a deal with the prosecution

Who are the brothers Milos and Vladimir Vidakovic: Well known in criminal circles, they ran a business with Montenegrins and one of them was shot twice

The guards of Serbian prisons took pictures where convicts hide narcotics (PHOTOS FROM THE SCENE)

The mysterious death of Vladimir Vidakovic in Colombia: The narco-mafia applied the "receipt of death", first they lured him, and then finished him? (PHOTO)

Judoist is a leader of drug-clan which was arrested in Belgrade: They secured gay and night clubs, they distributed drugs and caused incidents (VIDEO)

Famous Serbian actress, Neda Arneric, urgently transported to the Military Medical Academy: She was lying on the floor with meds next to her

A complete list of the greatest sharks of the Serbian underground who were arrested today in the great police action (PHOTO)

Serbian drug clan "America" fell on its knees because of a Bosnian: Smuggling of 1.5 tons of cocaine from Peru to Belgium prevented (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Sensational discovery: A "living medicine" for cancer and leukemia is coming, the famous Serbian doctor is bringing great news from America (VIDEO)

No one said anything when he was driving drunk, drugged, and when he endangered other people's lives, but I am a mother and after this shirt that the famous singer wore, I will be silent no more

Darko Saric sentenced to 15 years in prison: Pablo Escobar of Balkans (PHOTOS)

A terrorist, commander of KLA, war criminal, organizer of heroin transport: Who is Rustem Mustafa Remi who will be put to trial in the Hague?

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

Confession of Tamara who received a heart of a little girl who died from ecstasy: This wonderful heart is growing stronger in me. Know that I will take good care of it, little angel

They transported cocaine from Africa to Zagreb in a private plain, and now they were arrested by Croatian police a

Everybody was trash talking about Serbia, and these foreigners defended it. They really taught us something important

British girls discovered a dark side of spending a vacation in Croatia: They've tried kidnapping us, they were touching us and a policeman tried hitting on me (VIDEO)

Albanians and Serbs are waging war in the middle of Belgrade, tenants are not leaving buildings without knives and pepper spray

Video of the spectacular action where Montenegrins were arrested with 20 tons of hashish

A new arrest of Serbs in Spain: They stole electricity to grow marijuana, and then they packed it for smuggling

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

106 people arrested and 10 gangs destroyed: Serbs involved in most organized international crime

American monk Sophronios lives in a Serbian monastery in Kosovo: Albanians charged him with drug smuggling, and when he showed them this, they all backed off (PHOTO)

Head drug-dealer was murdered last night in Belgrade: Everything about Radovan Laketic whose body was found on Vozdovac

Shootings and assassinations on Belgrade streets opened the door to the underground we never knew existed

Everything about the Hells Angels who are coming to Jagodina: They are associated with fights to the death, they are banned somewhere, and these are their secret symbols (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A new drug is raging around Serbia, 100 times stronger than morphine: The brain swells up and the organs are shutting down from one pill!

David's father called upon all authorities in the parliament of Republika Srpska: I am asking for truth and justice, who is involved in the murder of my son

Another "narco-priest" arrested with drugs, his defense was silence: Details of the last case that shook Serbian Orthodox church and the general public

Religious education teacher caught in drugs smuggling and he opened his soul to the police: "Priest Milan makes me dress as a woman, and I humor him"