The infernal torches of Red Star fans on the highway and the incredible reception of the Red Star football players upon arriving from training preparations (VIDEO)

Partizan fan was disfigured: His teeth were smashed out, his nose ripped off, he almost lost an ear

Europe is talking about the bloody riot at the derby: Pictures from Belgrade traveled from England to Russia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Red Star against CSKA, Partizan against Victoria Plzen: First reactions to the draw for the knockout phase of Europa League!

ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE DRAW OF THE EUROPA LEAGUE: While we are waiting for news from Nyon, chose your rivals for Red Star and Partizan using the balls simulator!

RED STAR WAS HIS LIFE, HE DIED AT THE ENTRANCE TO MARAKANA: Tragic details of Red Star fan whose heart failed on the match with Cologne

Boakye is crying, Donald is kissing him: The most emotional moment of Red Star players after qualifying for the knockout phase

All potential rivals of Red Star and Partizan in the knockout phase: Atletico, Milan, Lazio...

Ambush for Cologne ultras at the airport: Wild hordes arrived in Belgrade! They threatened and they covered their faces, they were escorted by the police to the center of the city! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Red Star and Partizan fans want to know this: Big Shots dropped to Europa League, it will be hell in the knockout phase!

PARTIZAN SECURED ITS PLACE IN EUROPE: Ozegovic and Tavamba realized a 13-year long dream! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

CALCULATIONS: How can Partizan and Red Star secure the spring in Europe in the next round of Europa League?

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