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Haradinaj wants to permanently remove representatives of Serbs from Kosovo: Vesna Mikic revealed in an open letter why she was actually dismissed (PHOTO)

Don't play with fire! Dacic expressly warned Thaci: If you attack Serbs, we will defend them

Vucic on dramatic events in the previous 24 hours: He announced the answer of Belgrade to requests from Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija in the next 45 days (PHOTO)

We are getting closer to "Greater Albania": A 50-page document leaked about the plans of Pristina and Tirana

The NATO flag will be placed in Skopje: Official ceremony in front of the government of Macedonia

The USA launched the first sanction to Pristina! Effective until they abolish taxes

A terrible crash at the toll booth near Nis: Serbian politician suffered serious injuries, a woman from "Opel" died

"D Day" in Pristina: One phone call and one meeting can decide everything

There is no Great Serbian aggression, just Great Montenegrin aggression on leading places in Serbia: Dacic openly about the relationship with Podgorica

Pristina media tore Haradinaj apart because of two sexy advisers: Their photos reveal everything (PHOTO)

Serbia is the only one from the region to sign a memorandum with the World Economic Forum (PHOTO)

Croat who "fixed" a graffiti of hatred, speaks for Telegraf: It is not true that Serbs aren't welcome in Zadar. Enough with the hate speech, we should be humane (PHOTO)

9 steps closer to "Greater Albania"? What did Rama and Haradinaj sign and what will be formed?

Only Albania will remain who will recognize Kosovo: Dacic about the downfall of Pristina's politics

Dodik accuses Americans and Britons of providing 20 million euros for the destabilization of Republika Srpska and interference in elections

Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

Investigations launched against a paramilitary group in Slovenia: Recordings and photographs of armed men caused panic on social networks (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

Gruevski denies Wikileaks information that Macedonia agreed in 2008 to change its name: "We will listen to the various nonsense of the government during the campaign"

A day of mourning in Croatia for the death of a famous singer, Oliver Dragojevic

Macedonians hope to enter NATO soon: They said from the alliance that they are expecting negotiations first

The government of Republika Srpska has decided to reduce the price of fuel

It is official! The new name of Macedonia will be the Republic of Northern Macedonia

Greeks on the streets again because of Macedonia: They want their government to take a firm stand in the negotiations for the name

Japanese Kotaro fell in love with our country at first sight: He married a Serb girl, he loves the SFRY history, and this is what he said about Tito and Djindjic (PHOTO)

The government decided: This is the minister who will be banned from entering Serbia

Serbian government strikes back: Stop for the Croatian Minister of Defense?

Will Croatia continue the dialogue with Serbia: This is what Plenkovic thinks (VIDEO)

Sasa is walking with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb: He is carrying it for all the children and all the parents of our "dear leaders of this people"

Serbian List is leaving the Kosovo Government, they will make the Community of Serb municipalities on April 20th