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Google je spremio sjajno iznenađenje za sve koji imaju malo interneta na telefonu

Thaci, Haradinaj, and Pacolli as starlets in UN: They posted more than 160 photos and videos from the event they weren't even invited to (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Investigations launched against a paramilitary group in Slovenia: Recordings and photographs of armed men caused panic on social networks (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A Croat girl send nude photos to her boyfriend, and then they broke up: When she found her photos on a porn site, she didn't know what had happened to her

Japanese Kotaro fell in love with our country at first sight: He married a Serb girl, he loves the SFRY history, and this is what he said about Tito and Djindjic (PHOTO)

Blizzard paralyzed the Balkans: Hurricane storm roars at 170 km/h over Croatia, Montenegrins are going through the meter of snow (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Rijeka covered in snakes: Citizens saw them everywhere, they go into homes and theaters, the authorities claim that it is all normal

They are the rich kids of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are proudly showing it: Luscious cleavages, expensive cars and reckless behavior (PHOTO)

Milesa (23) is a farmer, she takes care of cows and fields, but no one takes her seriously because she is a real beauty! They all watch her white yoga pants (PHOTO)

Sexy Maria flies an airplane as if it's nothing: Besides the photos in a plane, she likes taking photos in a swimming suit the most (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Awesome kid Miki (18) has a tractor since he was 2 years old, he is proud of it and he loves it as a best friend: Their photos are amazing (PHOTO)

White cover over Sarajevo: Like a fairytale, everything is white and shiny - magical! (PHOTO)

Scandal in Macedonia: Father took his daughter's telephone (11) and almost passed out when he saw what was in it

The most beautiful Bosnian is conquering the world: This beauty became the Miss of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and her Instagram photos announced her victory (PHOTO)

She wants to be the president of Slovenia and they accuse her of prostitution: Sexy Martina likes to take nude photos and knows what the state needs (PHOTO)

The King of Instagram decided to walk over Slovenia in a week: President Pahor will walk 40 kilometers every day (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He blackmailed the husband of his ex girlfriend with nude pictures: Break up revenge costed him dearly

Vagina shaped cookies: Doctors and nurses fined who celebrated New Year in this way on gynecology (PHOTO)

SHOCKING PHOTOS OF THE UNPARALLELED TRAGEDY: Macedonia in sorrow, Balkan empathizes, rain threats again (PHOTO)

THE LIFE OF PEOPLE AT THE FOUNDING OF YUGOSLAVIA: Sights that bring you to old times (PHOTO)

UNDERAGE GIRLS FROM BELGRADE FOUND A NEW WAY TO MAKE MONEY: 15 year old girls are offering themselves to porn sites

EXCLUSIVELY! NEVER PUBLISHED PHOTOS OF JOSIP BROZ TITO! He cooks, drives a speedboat, walks along the beach - these are the photos from Tito's SECRET ARCHIVES

HORRIFYING: A pedophile in Croatia abused 78 girls


Nude pictures of a teacher SET THE INTERNET ON FIRE: Students published pictures from her phone! (PHOTO)

Belgraders in the RAIN AND COLD, brought food, clothes and shoes to MIGRANTS! (PHOTO)

FROM THE OTHER ANGLE, SHE'S JUST AS SEXY: Balkan music star lit up Instagram with her new photos! (PHOTO)

WE MUST drive through the pedestrian zone: Replies Diocese of Backa after the arrogant driving of the priest (PHOTO)

The Chinese sell icons of Novak Djokovic for 100 dinars! (PHOTO)