These Serbs walked for four days to reach Ostrog: They walked 150 kilometers, step by step (PHOTO)

Khawaja Youtuber from Zenica: He created a cartoon with the hero Musli Man, he thinks that nationalism destroys everything in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

We waited 9 years for this: Serbian Orthodox Church will proclaim Patriarch Pavle a saint, the prayers over his grave are healing the believers

The most well-preserved sanctuary of the Islamic mystic monastic order in Europe is on the border of Serbia: The legend says it was founded by Shurak Suleyman the Magnificent (PHOTO)

5-word lesson of a lifetime by Patriarch Pavle: They warned him not to take the public bus in the middle of summer, and he said the greatest thing ever!

Montenegrins want to take Ostrog from Serbian Orthodox Church: They want the state to return "the stolen church property"

Serbs in America argued: Presents should be given for which Christmas?

A sad life of Serbs in Croatia: The youth is changing religion to get a job, they live in poverty, villages are ruined, houses abandoned

EXCLUSIVE! NEW SCANDALOUS FOOTAGES: Full report on secret safes, forbidden loans, unprocessed money at St. Sava Temple (VIDEO) (DOCUMENTS)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 2): How much money is stolen on the candles, where do donations go, secret safes, multi-million loans... (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE! SECRET VIDEO FROM THE CHURCH: Watch a PRIEST STEALING MONEY in a Temple of St. Sava from the safe for sick and poor (VIDEO)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 1): How priests steal money, where is the money going to, secret vaults, 750.000 euros disappear in the temple of St. Sava each year... (PHOTO)

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