Serbs in America argued: Presents should be given for which Christmas?

Some approve presents for December 25th, while others think that is really nonsense

The eternal discussion of Serbs in America - should New Year's gifts be given to children for Catholic or for Orthodox Christmas

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Some approve presents for December 25th, while others think that is really nonsense.

- Real Orthodox Serbs think that children should respect their customs! Our Christmas is on 7 January, not on 25 December. I don't understand why should we do everything like in America - one of the comments of the revolted citizens.

However, many think that children shouldn't be separated and that it is entirely normal to give the gifts for Catholic Christmas.

- I don't want my child to be the only one in school that doesn't have a present, I won't separate him from the rest. We gave them gifts on 25 December and we had fun - Milan wrote.


This story has been going through Serbian homes in America for many years, over and over again.

Does the discussion on this topic, in general, mean that the Serbs in America are prepared to give up even religion, all because of the social class?

Or perhaps they don't want their children to feel separated and to get gifts two weeks later.


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